Jo Franklin
Senior Account Director

Jo is an Account Director at Propeller, heading up many of the group’s technology clients.  Jo has worked in PR & marketing communications since 2010, starting out in marketing consultancy for the electronics industry. Jo has a passion for finding out what makes a business tick, and is always keen to develop a deep understanding of how technology is conceived and developed. Jo is one of Propeller’s strongest strategists and a pro at client liaison. She also has an excellent eye for detail and thoroughly enjoys putting (digital) pen to paper to write technical and opinionated articles.


Five things about Jo

  • I’m Propeller’s resident podcast lover. My favourites (Highly Recommended) are Answer Me This; The Allusionist; Death, Sex & Money; Criminal; and Radiolab.
  • Inspirational quote: “Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!”
  • My biggest bugbear is the mispronunciation of words and I will invariably call people out on it (this tack is sometimes ill-advised).
  • My first car was a Smart car with ladybird markings (and yes, I got rid of it as soon as I came to London).
  • The first time I went to a baseball game, it ended up being the San Francisco Giants’ first ever “Perfect Game” – on June 13th 2012 – where the pitcher gets all of the opposing team out. I now consider myself a lucky talisman, and am aware I should use my powers wisely.

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