Cision, in partnership with Propeller used its Influence Rating, currently in beta, which is based on over 40 measures of influence – data on Facebook Likes, Twitter Retweets, unique visitors, inbound links, time spent on site, votes and comments, content sharing, traditional media impact measurements such as outlet circulation or audience size and more. The rating is calculated using an algorithm comprising these key social and traditional media metrics, thereby representing all media types. It is designed to be the most complete measure of individual influencer's online and offline impact for marketing and PR professionals.

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Rory Cellan Jones
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Charles Arthur
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Mark Prigg
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4. Murad Ahmed
5. Mark Sweney
6. Jonathan Fildes
7. Tim Bradshaw
8. Chris Anderson
9. Rupert Goodwins
10. Aleks Krotoski
11. Ian Burrell
12. Daniel Robinson
13. Emma Barnett
14. Josh Halliday
15. Dan Sabbagh
16. Kieran Alger
17. Michael Wolff
18. Katherine Rushton
19. Pete Cashmore
20. Mike Butcher
21. Ken Wheaton
22. Olivia Solon
23. Shane Richmond
24. Justin Pearse
25. Ludwig Siegele

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